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Lisbon's characters » Lisbon stories - belong to the city!

Lisbon's characters

Along the history, Lisbon had many inhabitants, with many stories.

If some people disappear and get forgotten, others stay and are remembered. That's the case of these “Lisbon' characters”.

In common they only have the fact that once lived in Lisbon, and made, acted or were a bit different...

Ilda Fernandes



 Ilda Fernandes was elected beauty queen of the markets in 1929.

Pai Paulino

Pai Paulino was a slave who managed to buy his freedom, and got known for defending the Negro's rights.


Mme Villaret


Madame Villaret had a shop with everything women would need: from corsets to pads, and was often visited by




Manas Perliquitetes

19th century fashion victims that liked to walk through Chiado, to see the new arrivals and exhibit their eccentric and perhaps luxurious looks.




In the total we will talk about 18 characters, and see their Lisbon allows us to see Lisbon through the time: the jobs, traditions, living conditions... And from the 8th to the Xxth century, I can assure you that they all existed. To prove that, I'll show you pictures, newspaper articles and tell their stories.

This is the same Lisbon you've already probably visited, but this time it has stories, it has lives that the time won't forget!

Rainha mercados  Aguadeiros

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Difficulty level - medium - walking tour.

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Extra adult: 10€ per person

Extra children - free

Includes: licensed guide service for 3,5 hours; private tour.


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